Hello Jewel, I'm Ruby.

I’ve always loved to dress well, but I never thought that I would open a business related to fashion.  Although I worked as a Cosmetologist & Esthetician for many years, my clients started asking for suggestions on what to wear for different occasions because they liked how I dressed.  I would create some ideas and tell them where they could buy the clothing. 

I received so much positive feedback.  I felt so good inside.  I knew I was helping women feel better about themselves, and I loved that.  

One day a client told me “I have never felt so pretty and confident.  Thank you, Ruby!”  There are no words to describe my uplifting feeling I had when those words came out of her mouth.  

At that moment I realized God had other plans for my career.  I discovered I could add value to someone else’s life by suggesting an outfit.  At the same time, I could help the fashion industry in Brazil be even more vital.

I know now that creating a unique look that helps someone feel good about themselves is something I’ve always done naturally, but I never realized I was helping them feel more confident.  

My goal of each and every day is to help you feel uplifted and empowered through dressing.  Whether it’s a statement-making belt or a to-die-for dress, wearing what fits your mood and lifestyle will help you feel more confident, joyful and beautiful, both inside and out.

My name is Ruby, and Rubeauty is my dream.  Join me on this journey. 

U R Beautiful

XOXO, Ruby

Our Beliefs


It’s our responsibility to put our clients’ best interest first – always.


Helping women find the best version of themselves through fashion.


Providing personalized quality service every step of the way.


Supporting Brazilian Fashion Designers and Brands.


Earning the trust of every customer with our standards, values and positive encouragement.